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Green Building Reports

Make your building’s energy usage smarter

An ioAirFlow Green Building Report uses data and industry expertise to make your building greener with our personalized report.

Identify problem areas. Recommend changes to reduce energy consumption. Save energy immediately.

Why should I trust an ioAirFlow Green Building Report?

We want to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions on how to save money on your energy bills – but sometimes, you don’t know where to begin or how to reduce your building’s energy consumption. That’s where we come in.

ioAirFlow’s green building report provides you with a list of concrete recommendations that you can use to reduce your building’s energy consumption. Using a combination of our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we can quickly scan your building to understand how it currently operates.

When our scan is done, we provide you with a simple, personalized report that identifies what is working well in your building, and what can be improved with concrete recommendations and a price estimate, so you can choose what you’d like to move ahead with retrofitting.

Do you make my building more efficient on your own?

Our system identifies where your building is losing efficiency, and what you stand to gain on reduced energy consumption by implementing simple retrofit solutions. We don’t have the capability to actively reduce your building consumption on our own; what we can do is suggest concrete ways you can make changes to increase your building’s efficiency.

How do you install your system in my building?

ioAirFlow’s audit system is simple to install. One of our team members will come by and place sensors in your building. At a minimum, we will place one sensor in each enclosed room or space. If the space is large, we may place multiple sensors per room. We will leave a router and laptop behind to collect the data.

If you have any other information about how your building is used – let us know! We can use this information in our analysis to give you more detailed and comprehensive suggestions. Other useful information that can help us includes:

  • Building floorplan

  • Occupancy details

  • A history of utility bills (so we can track consumption over a long period of time)

  • Details on your central HVAC systems

How long does the data collection last?

The data collection phase of each test will last a minimum two weeks, so we can observe the long-term trends of your building. If there are abnormal climate conditions (for example, a heat wave or cold snap) we may test for longer.

It’s important that we track regular power usage of your building to get an accurate reading, so we will work with you to ensure we won’t be testing during a time when many tenants are not in the office.

What do your sensors measure?

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Air pressure

We will also collect external temperature and climate conditions, taken from Environment Canada.

Is all the data you collect secure and confidential?

Yes! Our data collection is completely offline only will only be used for analysis purposes. We will not resell or use your data for anything except for compiling building efficiency reports. What’s more, your report is confidential to you – we won’t share it, or the data within it, to anyone else.

Can I touch or move the sensors during the data collection phase?

While ioAirFlow’s sensors are wireless and wouldn’t be harmed by you touching or handling them, it may affect the data we are recording and not give you an accurate report for that zone. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our sensors remain untouched.

If an ioAirFlow sensor needs to be moved or is in the way, contact us and we can find another location to collect the data we need.

What happens at the end of the test?

When the testing period is done, an ioAirFlow team member will collect all our sensor equipment. From there, the data we collected will be analyzed by our team of experts. Our analysis will identify efficiency gaps in your building, for example where external weather conditions are causing your building systems to work extra hard, or if rooms are being over-serviced.

How do you conduct your analysis?

Our team understands what causes changing trends in your building’s comfort conditions. We will use data analysis to understand what has been causing these fluctuations and identify steps you can take to resolve the issue.

How long does it take to get my Green Building Report?

It will typically take up to 2 weeks for us to analyze the data we collected from your building. If it will take longer for whatever reason, we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

What will I receive at the end of the rest?

Once ioAirFlow has completed its analysis, we will provide you with a full Green Building Report of our findings including a data summary, and an action plan to reduce your building’s consumption. If you like, we can set up a debrief meeting in person with you to walk through all recommendations, and suggest how you can best take those next steps on efficiency gain.

Do you keep my building’s data after the Green Building Report is complete?

Yes, but it is kept confidential and without any personal identifiers. The data we collect from all our buildings gives us a greater understanding of what affects changes in a building’s comfort control, allowing us to provide you a more detailed analysis than if we collected data on a case-by-case basis. We will never share your building data with anyone else.

Do I need to implement all the recommendations from the Green Building Report?

The choice is up to you. We know that some building retrofits are expensive, and that’s why we try to identify recommendations that will have the greatest impact on your energy bills without costing too much up-front. You can implement our recommendations all at once, over time, or not at all.

Can you help me implement recommendations from the Green Building Report?

ioAirFlow does not sell or install hardware in any building. However, we would be happy to direct you to our network of qualified and knowledgeable contractors and technicians who would be happy to work with you on any projects you want to undertake.

For a pricing schedule of our Green Building Reports, please contact us for a free estimate.