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Creating the next generation of smart buildings

Imagine having access to control and schedule the temperature setting of any area within your commercial building while saving energy at the same time. At ioAirFlow, we are making that a reality.

Reliability. Affordability. Security.

Building automation is about to become one of the biggest Internet of Things (IoT) operational success stories. At ioAirFlow, we know that businesses are looking to capitalize on this emerging market. That's why we are designing an IoT-supported intelligent system that will better track your building's current temperature, control your building's hardware to increase its energy efficiency, and automatically reduce consumption through smarter energy usage. Our solution is more secure and more cost efficient than anything else on the market today.

ioAirFlow will allow building managers to have access to granular temperature control with analytic oversight, in addition to the energy and related cost savings on reduced utility bills realized. By providing these rewards without the risk of added cyber security vulnerability, businesses can trust ioAirFlow to provide a system that meets their business needs while increasing their building automation efficiency, and reducing utility costs.

Our solution will be used to monitor your building in real-time to find out how energy is being used, as well as how your hardware is functioning. We will also provide you with detailed reports including benchmarking, to help you find pain points and improvements. Finally, our network can create reports to make it easier for you to apply for green building certification through LEED, BOMA Best, Energy Star and more!

ioAirFlow is excited to share our proposed solution with you. If you would like a more detailed or technical overview of our technology, please contact us.